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KeezMovies Video Downloader 3.11

KeezMovies Video Downloader 3.11: Capture and download web videos from KeezMovies website - KeezMovies Video Downloader is a simple application to quickly capture and download web videos from KeezMovies website - Turly easy to install and use: One-click capture and download streaming video with seconds. Directly download and convert KeezMovies video to MP4, AVI, 3GP, MOV, DVD, MPG, MP3, etc. The downloaded video can be viewed on a computer, as well as on a mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, PSP, DVD player and more.

Gskstudio Keezmovies Downloader 3.5.0: Free download and convert keezmovies to wmv,avi,mpeg,wav etc.
Gskstudio Keezmovies Downloader 3.5.0

Keezmovies Downloader is a free tool which allows you to easily download videos from keezmovies ( for free. Gskstudio Keezmovies Downloader also allows you to easily convert keezmovies videos to various formats for offline enjoyment. When you start watching your esired video, Gskstudio Keezmovies Downloader will automatically capture the video file. You only need to press "download", the video file will be downloaded into

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Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0: For Internet Cafés or computer kiosks. Sell passwords to computer or record use
Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0

computer using one of these passwords, Computer Rental Controller keeps track of how long the person is on the computer. It can then give a report of how long each person used the computer. This report lists each time they signed onto the computer and how long they were on for that session. You can then bill each person for their use of the computer at your convenience. Computer Rental Controller is useful in situations where you want to set up a

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LCM-Builder 1.3: Web Application Generator for ASP Programmers to generate easy maintainable code
LCM-Builder 1.3

comes with a free web based development tool for easy web application source code generation. There is a wizard to install web project databases and the necessary components. LCM-Builder is completely database driven LCM-Builder 1.3 comes with a wizard that automatically creates a supporting database that handle all content. LCM-Builder 1.3 comes with a combo & list box wizard who helps you to create a combo or list box in seconds LCM-Builder 1.3

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12Ghosts Zip 9.52: Fast and good compression
12Ghosts Zip 9.52

Fast compression, compatible with the ZIP industry standard, and command line support. 12-Zip has Explorer integration, a graphical window to manage zip files, for example add, freshen, move, or update files, supporting different compression methods, and features a small executable. Now supports Zip2, up to 20% smaller zips!

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Free Memory Optimizer 2008.245: Speeds up your Computer, Prevents Crashes, Optimize RAM and Stop Memory leaks.
Free Memory Optimizer 2008.245

computer memory management software that increases your computer speed, prevents system crashes and stops memory leaks. Significant performance boost for less money it takes to upgrade your RAM. MemAgent has been carefully written to deliver maximum PC memory efficiency. Increase and free your RAM and give your applications more Memory to work with. Key Features: - Speeds up computer - Prevents crashes - Stops freezes - Optimize RAM - Stop memory

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TZ Personal Firewall Protecting your PC from Hackers, Trojans, Spyware, Viruses and DoS attacks
TZ Personal Firewall

comming & outgoing activity on your computer & alert you when a new application attempts to access the Internet. When other programs or processes attempt to access your Internet connection attempting to use your Internet connection to communicate with the outside world, a window pops up that prompts you to permit or deny access on a per-application basis thus protecting you from incoming as well as outgoing traffic to ensure that only legitimate

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